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 Handing the Search Engine World to Believers since 1999

Our mission is to provide the Body of Christ the internet marketing they need to succeed in their businesses
so they are able to be more abundant givers and build the Kingdom of God in their own circles.

18 years Successful Search Ranking (SEO) and Web Site Design

We started SEO in 1999, when as missionaries in the inner city of Los Angeles, the Lord gave us the idea for the very first fully Interactive Intercessory Prayer Site in the World. After building it out, we needed it to come up in the search engines of the day. Since then,’s performance for the Body of Christ has grown to over 6 million prayers of intercession offered on the site.

Today’s SEO 95% is off-site and very few people on earth know how to do what the Lord has given us to help His children rank in the top tier of Google’s natural search results.

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We Build the Kingdom by Building Kingdom Builders!
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